Can you make passive income with YouTube?

I get asked all the time by clients, 'Lauren, can you really make passive income with YouTube?'

You can watch my video below to see some of my thoughts and feelings on this topic.

What is TRUE Passive Income?

First, let's talk about what real passive income is. True passive is when you invest money into something and make money from it with ZERO EFFORT.

You literally just get money in your bank account by doing zero work.

These are things like real estate (depending on the investment), stock dividends, royalties, businesses you pay others to run for you, etc.

Basically, you make money doing no work.

Unless you have someone running EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of your YouTube channel, then you do not have a passive income source.

YouTube can have moments of passivity. 

For example, last week I went on a 10-day vacation to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park without having to do any work on my YouTube Channel and I still made money while I was on vacation.

What I love to do is batch record content and then schedule my videos ahead of time. 

For this vacation, I made enough content so that I could go away on vacation, recover from my vacation and work on more content research before I needed to make more content.

That's one of my secrets. Batch recording.

Often times, I will record an entire months worth of content in one day, so that I can focus my time on other aspects of my business or spending time with family or doing whatever else I decide to do with my time.

That's what I love about YouTube.

It may not be a true passive income source, but it provides me the flexibility to live my life exactly how I want to.

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