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Elena Cardone

'I started working with Lauren Bateman in early 2020 to help me with growing my YouTube channel. At the time, my channel subscribership and watch time had flatlined. Lauren helped me with optimizing my channel and current video library so that it was more searchable as well as releasing content more consistently. Since I started working with Lauren, my YouTube channel went from getting 200-300 views a day to getting 700-900 views a day. As a result, my subscribership has grown by 31% in the last year. I would highly recommend working with Lauren if you want to grow your brand and your YouTube channel.'


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This is the perfect first [course] for the beginner or even someone who’s been in business and has their own YouTube page, but wants to make all the right decisions and wants to accelerate the process of making money…After going through her course, I have all the answers to all of my questions.

- Capo Craig

Dimitri Fantini

Thank you. I knew you would be so helpful and just the right person to push me to get it done.”

Dimitri grew his channel by 495 subscribers in 90 days and launched his first product having his biggest sales week ever.

Mike Benninger

Lauren’s course is fantastic. It is laid out very well with step-by-step instruction. I like how Lauren provides examples in her industry as well as how it applies to other industries. There are so many great content ideas to build from. I like how she is full disclosure on how the income works as well. I highly recommend this course and I would purchase it now as it’s priced incredibly low for what it has to offer. Thanks for helping me on my journey to over 10,000 subscribers.

Miranda Jonte

Lauren is two of my favorite things: Creative and forthright. Her knowledge of the why and the how and the what-to-do next is founded and solid. She explains things in a warm, accessible way, stripping away any fear I had of how to grow my business. Because of all the above, I know I am in strong, supportive ahnds. She plotted out a game plan for ME, not simple 'a client'. Lauren Bateman is the real f^%*ing deal.

I have just gotten so much value

I love how you give such actionable steps that are very achievable for anyone just starting on YouTube or even if you've been at it for a little while.

- Amie Webster


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