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Meet Lauren

As a childhood cancer survivor, Lauren knows the importance of living in the moment. That’s why she quit her cushy job as a cancer researcher to pursue a career in music.

Boy has that decision change her life forever!

Even though Lauren has no degree in music or education, she took a chance at teaching voice and guitar lessons out of a spare room in her apartment. Turns out, she had a knack for connecting with students and helping them achieve their lifelong dreams of playing and singing music.

After maximizing her schedule, Lauren decided it was time for her to help out other musicians who were looking for work. She hired her first teacher and then a second. She now owns and operates three music school locations outside of the Boston area.


With the impact of the Corona virus pandemic, in 2020, Lauren had to pivot and move her music schools virtual. She began to focus more on her online course offerings and YouTube channel that she started in April 2017. That hard work paid off as she grossed $120,000 in revenue from course sales and YouTube advertising in 2020 alone.

Experiencing the joy of how amazing it is when a YouTube channel takes off, Lauren felt obligated to share her knowledge of growing and expanding on YouTube with other passionate creators. She wanted other aspiring YouTubers to know that you don’t need a million subscribers to make a full-time income from YouTube.

In fact, Lauren was able to make a full-time income from her channel with only 15,000 subscribers.

That’s exactly what Lauren wants to help you do!

Learn how to leverage the power of YouTube to grow a brand and build a business that can be profitable without depending solely on the mercy of Google Ad revenue. While most programs teach you how to start building your business and stop there, Lauren wants to share with YouTube creators not only how to grow their channel, but also how to build and scale online streams of income so you are not always selling time for money. Lauren’s mission is to help creators around the world improve their income and earning potential so that they can live a more fulfilled life and weather any storm.

I can help you...

Get started and build on top of a solid foundation

New to YouTube? No problem. I can help you get your channel set up and learn the basics of what helps a new channel grow and get to monetization faster. I will suggest relevant software that won’t break the bank and tips and tricks that help attract more views in the early stages of growth.

Successfully monetize your passion

There are many ways to monetize YouTube outside of Google Ad revenue. It takes 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours to watch time to be eligible for ad revenue and which starts as a trickle. Learn how to monetize you channel to maximize income and revenue from multiple streams even in the early stages of development.

Elevate your life and your fulfillment in your work

YouTube provides the opportunity for creators to earn a full-time living doing something they are passionate about. Stop feeling overwork and under paid. Learn how to expand and grow a profitable business that works around your lifestyle. Earn more money, have more freedom and find true happiness and fulfillment from your work.