The 3 Types of Video Content You MUST UPLOAD for Success on YouTube

Did you know that there are three types of video content buckets that you should be recording every month? If not, then make sure to read this article and watch the video below.

There are three main types of content buckets for long form YouTube content. We're not talking about shorts here. But shorts should definitely be part of your content strategy. The three main types of video content are:

  1. Discovery Videos
  2. Community Videos
  3. Sales Videos

You can watch the video below to learn the specific details and rules of each video type, or keep reading the article below.

Discovery Video:

The goals of these types of videos are to help you get discovered. Shocker! They should be fast paced and answer a very specific questions with a super helpful answer or tip. Thinks of ah-ha moments. These are the videos we want to get lots of views on and get suggested by YouTube. The call to action at the end of the video is to go watch this next video.

Community Videos:

These videos can be a little slower paces because they are made for your current subscribers. It's a way for people to get to know you better. You still want the content to be helpful, but the whole point of these types of videos are engagement. So the call to action in these videos is to ask viewers to leave a comment below. Usually ask them their opinion on something or if it's a product based video, ask them what their favorite products are. Try and get as many comments as possible and make sure to come back and respond and say hello. Remember, you need to build a great community on YouTube as well.

Sales Videos:

The whole goal of this video? You got it. We want to sell something. These are much like Discover videos in that they are fast paced and solve a pain point, but the goal is for them to get real help OFF of YouTube. This is where you would pitch your course, your coaching and affiliate offer, etc.

In the beginning, you are mostly going to be focusing on Discovery videos, but do not be afraid to throw a sales video in every once in a while. You never know when one of your videos will take off.

I currently do about 60-80% Discovery Videos 10-20% Community Videos (I like to go live a lot for this) and 10-20% sales videos.

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