4 Tips For Being More Consistent With Content Creation

We all suffer from those days when we are not feeling it. Mentally, there is that barrier that says, 'Don't make any content today.'

If you listen to that voice long enough, next thing you know, weeks have gone by and you haven't done a single piece of content for you channel. 

In the video below, I will share 4 tips I use when I'm not in the mood to film content.

No one is gong to show up for you.

Let's face it. No one else is going to show up to do the work for you. You have to come to terms that content creation is a job and that job requires you to always be generating new content.

Remember, if you want to financial and personal freedom that being a content creator provides, you first have to put in the work to get there.

Stay Yes. The 5 second rule.

When your brain starts telling you no, you have 5 seconds to change the narrative or you will give in. As soon as your brain starts telling you no, you need to get up and more towards your goal. That momentum will help you overcome.

Start with the simple stuff.

What can you bust out quickly to start getting some momentum. When I'm not in the mood, I go for short form content. They only require a maximum of 60s my time and it helps me start checking off the boxes. Once I start feeling better about creating, I move on to longer form video.

Prepare Your Content.

I personally take the time to prepare my content topics ahead of time. If it's a short, it's a simple sentence about what I'm going to talk about. If it's a longer video, it's usually a bullet pointed script for me to get a flow for what I'm going to say. Often when I do guitar lessons, I will have prepared a chord chart of some sheet music for the lesson.

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