Can you start a YouTube channel without a fancy camera?

Yes! And you should.

When I started filming content on YouTube, I did everything on phone. One of my most successful videos to date was shot using my cell phone.

I had crappy lighting. The video is a bit grainy but the content was amazing.

The 'crappy' video below has almost 2 million views!

Focus on GOOD content first:

Like many YouTubers who get started, I didn’t want to have to dish a lot of money on a ton of equipment. I honestly didn’t have the extra money. So I used what I had.

Getting started in the most important thing when it comes to YouTube.

Once I monetized my channel and started making money, I upgraded my equipment. 


Start with lighting. Outside of a tripod for your phone, I highly recommend that you invest in some lighting as soon as possible.

The above video could have been made so much better with a little bit of lighting. If you are looking for a budget friendly light, the soft box pictured here should work wonders for lighting up your foreground. You can check it out here.

Lavalier Mic: The next piece of equipment I recommend is a simple lapel mic. This will really help boost your audio quality. You don’t have to break the bank. Here is the lapel mic I use in my videos and it won’t even cost you $20.

DSLR Cameras: My final upgrade was my camera and I opted for Canon T7i based on recommendations from my photographer who is a Canon guy. Basically you want something that is going to shoot high quality video and something you can plug a mic into. You can search for T7i package here. The Canon M50 is also a popular model amongst YouTubers.

Just get started.

The bottom line is to get started and start uploading content. Your first 25-50 videos probably aren’t going to be the best, but those first videos will help you find your voice and your personality.

Dive in and press record.

If you're looking for more helpful tips and tricks in regards to growing your YouTube channel, check out my 30-Day Jumpstart Course.