How To Deal With Haters On YouTube

There is nothing worse than working hours and hours on YouTube video, publishing it and then having someone leave some hate in the comments. Haters on your first videos can be infuriating.

These negative comments and harassment can make you second guess yourself or even ruin your motivations.

Don't let it!

Here's a few ways you can deal with haters on Youtube.

1. Write a witty comment back.

Sometimes, there's no better satisfaction than responding to a keyboard warrior with some of their own medicine. But I encourage you to do it in a way that highlights how rude they are without being rude yourself. For example, I often thank my haters for commenting because it helps YouTube show my video to more people. Thanks!

2. Show some compassions.

Usually, internet trolls are people that feel very bad about themself and their life. They are usually envious of you and the things you are doing because they refuse to take initiative to improve. You could always respond and say, 'I'm sorry you feel that way and will pray for some positive energy to come your way soon.'

3. Remove or hide them from the channel.

YouTube has a feature that allows you to hide users from your channel which makes sure they won't leave comments again. I use this for trolls that constantly pick and nag on my channel. It's obvious they have a bone to pick with you, but I don't have the time to care. Deleting and moving on is usually the best use of your time when it comes to haters on YouTube.

Watch my video below for dealing with haters and how to help it increase engagement on your videos.

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