Kajabi Review For Online Courses & Coaches

As someone who has used multiple online course platforms and sold over 7-figures in online courses, I have a few things to say about online course platforms.

Originally, I started with Udemy and Teachable because I wasn't making a lot of money and felt like I should probably just get what I could afford.

In hind site, that probably wasn't the best choice.

In this Kajabi review, I'm going to tell you why I switched from Teachable to Kajabi in 2020 and why I am happy with a lot of the updates they have made to the platform.

If you would like a 14-day FREE TRIAL of the Kajabi course platform, click this link to sign-up.

You can always watch the video below for my assessment as well.

Why I switched from Teachable to Kajabi?

Overall, I was looking an all-in-one platform. This current web page that you are visiting was built in Kajabi. I like having my website, mailing list, courses and website all in one space.

But doesn't Teachable have that? They do, but I felt their platform was very clunky and it was hard to make nicely designed landing pages. When I switched to Kajabi from Teachable, I noticed an immediate increase in sales from my landing pages.

Easy to create Opt-In form and email follow-up.

With everything integrated, it was so much easier for me to create follow-up sequences and opt-in forms. With Teachable, the email and customer management system was very basic. As I grew, it became harder and harder to do what I wanted to do with the email functions inside. When I switched to Kajabi it was easier for me to tag clients and segment my lists. It was also so much easier to automate emails. Even during courses, I could set up automated email sequences and reminders depending on what videos they watched. This definitely improved the user experience.

Better use experience.

I'm a stickler for beautiful design. Kajabi's course platform is easy to use and update. I had taken many courses online and it never surprised me that the interfaces I loved the most were hosted on Kajabi. If it was good enough for multi-million dollar companies, it should be good enough for me.


Kajabi Communities!

I will be honest. When I first switched to Kajabi, the community interface was horrible. It looked like an old forum from the early 2000s. It really wasn't much to write home about and my students absolutely hated it. And that's a strong word.

Since then, Kajabi bought out Vibely, and has completely overhauled their community platform, now called Kajabi Communities 2.0

I could not be happier with this change.

I used to hose my community on Facebook, but I was continually getting reported for content that wasn't against Community Guidelines. I was actually worried my community might get shut down. What if a student or someone posted a copywritten image, or they wanted to play a song and it got blocked because of copyright issues.

Not only that, my students accounts were constantly getting hacked on Facebook.

When Communities 2.0 came out, we decided to make the switch away from Facebook (OMG!!). I really love the LIVE ROOM function which I use a lot. The whole interface works really well and the community was so much more well received than the first time we tried to move away from Facebook.

If you are looking to build a solid community, for this alone, I would recommend signing up for a free 14-day trial to poke around at Communities 2.0.


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