Steps To Build A Wildly Successful Online Course That Sells

If you are in the process of creating an online course and think you are going to be rolling in it by next week, I want to give you a healthy dose in reality. I also want to give you some tips on how to build a REAL online course business that not only provides income but stability and freedom.

Let's start with the steps you need to take to build and sell a successful online course:

1. Know Your Audience
2. Find Their Pain Points
3. Use Free Promotion Tools To Grow An Audience
4. Create A Transformational Product That Solves Their Problem(s)
5. Build A Sales Page That Highlights How You Can Help
6. Collect Client Testimonials
7. Keep Growing Your Audience And Lead Funnel Through Social Media

That's just a step-by-step in a nutshell, but if you want more detailed information on some of these steps, I highly recommend that you watch the video below. I will talk about the steps I took to sell over 7-figures in guitar courses online.

Know & Find Your Audience

The bottom line and honest truth: you cannot sell a course without an audience. This is the most vital step in becoming an online course creator. You need to really figure out who your specific audience is and what their pain points are. 

Once you really dial that in, you need to create products around those pain points and help your audience move from one transformation to the next.

Courses Don't Sell. Transformation Do

People don't buy courses. They by the transformation that comes from taking your course. No one cares about the exercise plan. They care about the 10lbs they are going to lose in the next 4 weeks to look amazing at their wedding.

Sure, the exercise plan could be one of those pain points that keeps them from falling off the horse like every other workout and diet plan they have tried before, but it's really the final result that they are buying. If you can convince prospects that you have the answers and you are the one that can finally help them see the results they want, then they will buy what you have to sell.

Having amazing testimonials from past customer helps a lot in that department.

Websites & YouTube

You HAVE to have a website in an online business. The majority of my course sales come from people who saw me on YouTube and then came to my website. Or, they found my website, then watched a bunch of my YouTube videos and came back to the site the buy.

They feed each other and if you do not have both a YouTube channel and a website to get organic traffic, you will have a hard time being successful at the online course game.

Mailing Lists & Leads

Once you have YouTube and your website working well, the number of eyeballs on your content and products will increase dramatically. My sales revenue is highly tied to the traffic I get on YouTube. It's almost directly proportional.

Make sure you have a way to collect emails from those viewers using free giveaways, webinars, etc. It's great to get lots of views on YouTube, but selling to an email list is so much easier.

Find The Right Course Platform

There are so many great course platforms out there. I really like Kajabi and have used them since 2020. They have really stepped up their game with coaching, communities, assessments and amazing landing pages. I really like it as an all-in-one platform. If you would like a 30-day free trial, use my affiliate link here.

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