Top 6 Reasons YouTubers Quit Too Early

Let's face it, we all jump on the YouTube train thinking we are going to go viral in the first year. And then reality sets in. This is going to be a lot more work than we thought.

In my video below, I go over the Top 6 Reasons I believe YouTubers give up too soon. By managing expectations and being aware of the common mistakes, I'm hoping you can have a long and successful YouTube journey.


My Top 6 Reasons YouTubes Quit Too Soon



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1. Expectations are too high.

Like I said before, the chances of your going viral in your first year on YouTube are pretty slim. On average it takes 2-3 years for a YouTube channel to age and start gaining real traction. Focus on the long-term goal, not the short-term success.

2. Not enough content on the channel to promote.

I get it. You're excited. You just finished your first video that you poured your blood sweat and tears into. That's awesome, but hole off on promoting your channel until you have 5-10 videos for people to browse. There's nothing worse than promoting a channel that only has 1 video available. What will people do after they watch that video? Create a nice playlist of answers helping your audience answer their top questions.

3. Give before you receive.

Focusing on money from the get-go can get you in trouble. Why? Because there likely won't be any money in the beginning. I took me a couple years to make consistent sales and income. Focus on helping others reach their goals first and they will help you reach your goals.

4. Find your why.

The biggest thing to keep you motivated during the hard times? Knowing your why. And it's more than making a lot of money. What will that money do for you? Create freedom? Allow you to retire your parents? Help you little brother or sister pay for school? Those are the big why's that keep us pushing through the mud. Find out what your why is and keep reminding yourself of the end goal when it gets tough.

5. Stay consistent.

Basically, post as much as you can without wearing yourself out. Ideally, getting new content up every single week is great. And I'm not talking shorts. I'm talking one piece of long form content a week. Shorts can be icing on the cake if you can get 1-2 of those up a week as well.

6. Outsource ASAP.

 The #1 reason people quit YouTube? It's A LOT of work. I know so many people who get hung up on that amount of time it takes to edit their videos. The sooner you can outsource some of the work, the faster you will be able to focus on content and growing your channel and brand.

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