Shorts VS Long Form Content

Which is better?

I get asked all the time, how much should I be focusing on YouTube Shorts VS Long Form Content? 

As of the writing of this article, shorts is a hot commodity, so you definitely should not be ignoring them. My personal opinion is that Long Form Content still trumps shorts.

Watch to video below to see when to use each type of video.

YouTube Shorts VS Long Form Pros & Cons


When it comes to getting visibility, YouTube Shorts is where it's at. If you are a new YouTuber, this is a great way to get eyes on your brand, product and service. 



When it comes to building deeper and more meaningful connections with your audience, Long Form Content is where it's at. You can use YouTube shorts to get in front of someone, but it's VERY hard to build a real customer relationship is 15s-60s.


You can sell on both as long as you have a good CTA (Call to Action). I personally link using longform video for sales as it allows me to hit pain point much easier. It also gives me an opportunity to teach some very valuable with a bigger solution to be found off of YouTube.

Bottom Line:

You need both as part of your YouTube strategy. My recommendation would be to do 1-2 shorts a week along with 1 long form video. This provides a great balance and allows you to capitalize on both audiences.

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