Two Online Course Sales Funnel You Need To Implement Today

If you are new to the online course and sales game, you may not know what a sales funnel is.

Quickly, to get you up to speed, a sales funnel is a system from taking a prospect from brand discovery to an active customer buying your products and services.

The goal is to try and get as many qualifies leads into the top of your funnel. The more leads that go into the top. the more sales that come out of the bottom part of the funnel.

It's really a simple numbers game.

If you get 100 leads per months and convert 2% of them, that 2 sales per month. 

But if you 10X that and get 1000 leads per month and convert 2%, you now have 20 sales per month.

In the video below, I'm going to be talking about two types of sales funnels that you need to be implementing in your business to help you grow your mailing list and improve the long-term chances of selling your products and courses.


Your Mailing List Is King.

Hands down, every successful online business or business coach agrees that the you make the most money online through your email list. That's why it is one of the most important assets to build into your business as fast as possible.

Having a large mailing list was how I sold over $100k in courses in November. No paid ads. No discounts. Seriously.

Pricing Will Impact Your Funnel.

The higher the price of your course, the more hands on the sales process will need to be. Ideally, if you sell a product for $497 and below, you can sell with a sales landing page or a follow-up email sequence pretty easily.

If you go up to $997, you will probably require some sort of webinar to convince clients to fork over extra cash. Anything above $997 is going to require a sales call. So if you are looking for the more 'passive' way to make money online, then I would recommend trying to find a product you can sell from $297-$497.

Create A Lead Magnet As Soon As Possible.

Create something of value to give away on your website and your social media channels. In exchange for this valuable piece of information, the client is going to need to give you their email.

Hey, nothing in life is really free, right?

For example, with my guitar program, I have a free Crash Course. With an email, people can get a downloadable PDF with lessons and exercises as well as a link to videos that help them work through the workbook.

It's a huge win for them and it's a great way for me to introduce my teaching style to students. If they were on the fence about how an online course works, this would give them a way to test the waters without making a full commitment.

But not only did I get their email, I also put them on a follow-up email sequence that is going to try and upsell them into buying my full beginner guitar course for $297.

Having some great testimonials that show results and hit your target audiences pain points will go a long way in helping you sell in these emails.


Webinar Funnels Are A Great Way To Provide Massive Value.

If you don't know what to create as a lead magnet, webinars are very popular lead funnels. You can host them on your website and in order for people to get access to it, they once again will need to give you their email. 

Kajabi (the platform I use) makes it super easy to host a webinar and create opt-in forms.

I have a webinar on the Top 10 Mistakes guitarist make when learning to play guitar. That webinar is me teaching them for 30 minutes and giving them SUPER valuable information. Easy fixes they probably never thought of before.

The key is to give them some ah'ha moments and leave them wanting more.

At the end, I tell them a bit about my course and why I think they should take action now and buy.

And if they don't buy? 

They get added to a follow-up email sequence that reminds them about how badly they need my product to help them solve their problem.


The great thing about building a mailing list is that when you have a great course to release, you will be able to do a full-on product launch to your email list. These are people who have already shown interest in your products and services. Or they are at least a little curious.


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